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Rugged Tablet PC-LK10 is upgraded with high-performance CPU: intel I7
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Intel I7 Rugged Tablet PC

 The idea of a rugged tablet pc structure planning: It is necessary to pay attention to the trade-offs in the structure planning. 

If it is a solid product with high requirements, you need to make structural planning as a main line, 

and open other aspects around the structural requirements, 

and have a clear three-defense thinking and overall idea. You must not half-hearted in the planning, 

because the overall effect is sought. Being stretched, eventually led to the failure of the rugged plan , 

It will be very tricky and difficult to solve when the problem cannot be solved in the future.

In China, the notebooks, rugged tablets, industrial computers, etc. we make are still good. Whether in terms of appearance, performance, configuration, etc., 

it meets the needs of most markets. We are also keeping up with the forefront of the industry, 

and now our LK10 and LK22 have been upgraded, equipped with intel I7 high-performance processor

Regarding meeting the needs of the market, this is why rugged products need to be high-performance! 

The high performance of Intel core i7 is also suitable for computing-intensive games, digital media, photos, music, business applications 

and other multi-threaded software that requires extremely high processing speed. When using multiple such applications at the same time, 

these processors can also greatly improve overall performance.