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How can we use Rugged Tablets to Improve the Operations in the supply chain?
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How can we use Rugged Tablets to Improve the Operations in the supply chain

Tablets are one of the most used and fast growing in popularity rugged devices. Research indicates a remarkable growth of 16 percent market growth for rugged handheld terminal in the 2nd quarter of 2014. The growth is steady and consistent over the years which speak volumes about the acceptability of these devices. Many companies and businesses have started the deployment of these tablets across their supply chain operations to bring a marked improvement in performance. There are many reasons why rugged tablets are proving to be a great choice for enterprises and how it is helping streamline supply chain operations.


The first reason why Windows 10 rugged tablets are fast becoming a preferred choice for the businesses is its portability. These small, sleek hand-held computers have proven to be very effective in handling supply chain operations. Its amazing features like larger touch-screen, Windows operation system, GPS, embedded broadband, increased functionality, and access to a wider suite of applications has made it a perfect choice. Moreover, it is easier to use in a moving vehicle, in a warehouse, in the field, compared to a notebook or laptop computer. These rugged tablets are also improving processor performance, making them more responsive and faster. The new generation rugged tablets available these days are suitable for use in a broader spectrum of applications. It helps in tracking merchandise and goods in real time from the manufacturing unit to shipping, finally reaching the retail floor.


Another feature that makes the use of rugged tablet pc windows 10 an ideal option is its manufacturing. Supervisors and engineers with a rugged tablet in possession while inspecting the shop floor can perform work-in-progress and easily access engineering schematics that helps in keeping a tab on suppliers, management, and customers. It also makes it simpler to update specific order status.

Warehouse Management:

The use of rugged tablet helps in providing a greater degree of flexibility. It is undoubtedly a good substitute to fixed station computers and forklift-mounted terminals. Moreover, the device also provides integrated support for RFID, barcode scanning, wireless LAN communications, etc. These devices also support in packing and picking besides receiving, shipping, and applications related to quality management.

Transportation and Delivery:

Carriers and shippers can use rugged tablets to ensure complete elimination of paper from the truck cab. This rugged device has also helped automating driver logs, hours of service trucking, pre-trip inspections, while providing turn by turn directions with onboard GPS, scheduling and dispatch information, invoicing and inventory capabilities, all at one place. Real time tracking of delivery vehicles help in giving an accurate update to the customers about their shipments. Rugged handheld terminal can be leveraged to provide the right information at the right time.


Tablets also help a lot in retail space. Its capabilities like RFID scanning and barcode support make many retail functions like credit card processing easier and simpler. Retailers can use it as a single platform for receiving and shipping, line busting, inventory management, mobile point-of-sale, promotion tracking and more.


Last but not least, rugged tablets are perfect for use in any environments. Its durability also makes it a preferred choice. For a variety of line-of-businesses besides supply chain, these devices have a significant impact on the ownership cost of a specific solution. These devices can last for almost a decade even in harsh warehouse conditions. Despite being exposed to such environments, the tablets continue to work and provide best solutions to help improve supply chain operations.

Thus, the use of rugged devices has gained the significance of a powerful computing platform helping to bring a change in supply chain operations