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Introduction to LH60 Industrial Grade Android Handheld Terminal
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       Rugged Technology LH60 Industrial&humanized keypad design and tough 5.5 inch Gorilla Glass 3 touch screen together

 with high resolution of 720*1440 display shall match high standards in logistics, 

 express and retail.Android 10.0 OS with memory of 2GB RAM/16GB ROM or 

 4GB RAM/64GB ROM shall provide the highly standard experience.

 Double insurance of 4G &WIFI network and highly secured Android 10.0 system 

 shall provide the high speed data communication and perfect security guarantee;
To achieve the special needs of industry customers as the main goal, 

  relying on flexible and customizable modular combinations, 

solve the core problems of customers, a

nd provide a solid foundation for customers' mobile Internet of Things applications.

Product advantages:
1. Based on ARM Cortex-A73 high-end flagship eight-core CPU, clocked at 2.0GHz
2. The latest Android 10.0 operating system
3. 5.5 inch IPS HD display
4. High-precision 2D barcode scanning engine
5. 4800mAh large-capacity polymer lithium battery
6. AI HD smart camera
7. Support 2.4G&5G dual-band WIFI and roaming function
8. Support NFC recognition function