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What are the basic characteristics of a rugged tablet?
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What are the basic characteristics of a rugged tablet? Let me talk about it for everyone.

  Nowadays, the application range of the three-proof tablet computer is getting wider and wider, 

and it is widely used in field survey, military defense, 

unmanned aerial vehicle and other fields. What are the basic characteristics of a rugged tablet? 

The three-proof tablet computer is designed to adapt to various harsh environments. 

Corresponding measures are taken to ensure various factors that affect computer performance, 

such as system structure, electrical characteristics, and mechanical physical structure. 

The default protection level of the general three-proof tablet computer is IP65. 

The whole machine needs special treatment to meet the special requirements of shockproof, 

dustproof and waterproof, and can meet the needs of various industries for mobile work in special environments.

Hardtou LT86 ruggedized tablet computer has an IP67 protection level, has good waterproof, dustproof and anti-drop characteristics, 

stable and reliable performance, and the 7500 mAh battery is durable and can better adapt to the long-term operating requirements in the industrial environment. 

The LT86 durable tablet computer also supports 4G, 700Nit high-brightness screen, GPS positioning and navigation, NFC, 

one-dimensional and two-dimensional code scanning and other functions. 

It is widely used in outdoor exploration, instrument testing, ordering, logistics, 

smart manufacturing, smart medical and other fields.