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Industrial industry! Why use the rugged tablet PC?
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Industrial industry! Why use the rugged tablet PC?
In the daily use of components, commercial computers are more time-sensitive, based on market positioning as the standard, internal components only need to meet the general requirements, and the service life is relatively short. The three-proof tablet computer is mainly used in complex and harsh environments, so the demand is high. It is necessary to ensure the normal use of the product under harsh conditions to meet the needs of the industry.
Due to the fast internal replacement of commercial tablets, the general commercial motherboard has a life cycle of only six months to one year. Industrial rugged flat-panel motherboards can reach a life cycle of up to 5 years to meet the needs of the industrial market!

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According to the market positioning of the three-proof reinforced tablet, the authentication method and test method will be different. Industrial-grade certification and testing will be much stricter, and a large number of reliability tests and quality inspections will be carried out before shipment to ensure the quality and reliability of the products so that they will be delivered to customers.

Commercial motherboards only provide simple remote management. In addition to providing similar remote connection management, industrial motherboards can also realize remote unattended automatic switch-on and switch-off functions, which can ensure work and operation even when there is no one.

Once the ordinary computer is produced, it cannot be changed at will. The three-proof reinforced tablet in the industrial motherboard can flexibly meet the subsequent special needs of some customers. It can realize the customization of users and perfectly meet the needs of the customer's use environment.

The use environment of ordinary commercial motherboards is limited and can only be used normally in an environment between 5 degrees and 38 degrees. However, the industrial type three-proof reinforced flat panel can work stably between minus 20 degrees and 70 degrees.

This is why the industrial industry needs the emergence of the three-proof reinforced flat panel. In order to better develop and more suitable for the equipment of the industrial industry environment, the emergence of the three-proof reinforced flat panel greatly improves the development of the industrial industry. Let us look forward to the development of the industry!