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Why use rugged tablet computers in the industry?
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Why use rugged tablet computers in the industry? Rugged Tablet LT83
    The industrial environment is completely different from the business environment and will face a series of challenges. Industrial environment often includes many harsh conditions, such as higher temperature range and voltage, vibration, etc. Therefore, the tablet computer used in this environment must be designed with three proofings to make it dust-proof, moisture-proof, shock-proof and resistant. Excellent performance such as high temperature and easy expansion, to ensure the normal use of the tablet in a special environment. The application field of the rugged tablet computer is very wide. It can work stably and normally in factories, warehouses and other harsh environments, providing more convenience to our lives and improving work efficiency.

Hardtou LT83 Rugged Tablet PC adopts high-strength engineering rubber materials, and fully considers the structural and functional factors, so that the working performance, use time, current environment, I/O interface requirements, etc. achieve harmony and unity. Professional IP68 advanced protection grade design, waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, anti-dropping, high damage resistance and high durability, can adapt to a variety of harsh operating environments, and meet the industry's needs for mobility and flexibility.