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Breakthrough in Precision Positioning – Unmatched Precision in the Palm of Your Hand!
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In this era of rapid technological advancement, precision in positioning has become increasingly crucial. To meet your demanding requirements for high-precision GPS positioning, we are proud to introduce our latest handheld terminal – LH601. This intelligent device utilizes state-of-the-art RTK GNSS technology, achieving centimeter-level precision in positioning and elevating your positioning experience to unprecedented heights.

Key Features:

Centimeter-Level Precision:

LH601 employs RTK GNSS technology, pushing positioning precision to the centimeter level, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in location information in any environment.

Portable and Lightweight:

With its compact 6.0-inch size, LH601 is convenient to carry, meeting your positioning needs anytime, anywhere.

Powerful Performance:

Equipped with Android 10.1 system and Qualcomm processor, LH601 ensures smooth user experience, whether handling multitasks or high-demand applications.

Extreme Durability:

Designed with IP67 waterproofing and capable of withstanding falls from 1.2 meters, LH601 stands up to various challenging conditions, making it resilient in adverse environments.

Multi-Functional Scanning:

Featuring a 2D scanning module, LH601 not only provides precise positioning but also enables quick and efficient data collection.

Why Choose LH601?

Industry-Leading Positioning Technology:

RTK GNSS technology ensures outstanding positioning precision, providing reliable support for your work.

Versatile in Various Scenarios:

Whether in land surveying, precision agriculture, or urban planning, LH601 excels in diverse applications.

Robust Hardware Support:

Android 10.1 system and Qualcomm processor guarantee efficient system operation, leaving you worry-free in performance.


LH601 is not just a positioning terminal; it is your capable assistant for success in your endeavors. Precise, portable, and durable, it brings an unparalleled working experience. Don't miss out – get yours now and grasp new heights in positioning!